Security & Privacy






Hi, this is Peter Fein, a 1982 graduate of Cal Prep, and the administrator of this website.  I want to assure you that on this website you have the privacy level you choose.  When you log into your profile page, you will be asked to provide an e-address and a password for you to get back onto the site and your page.  You do not need to complete any information you do not wish to.  Your e-address is not seen by anyone unless you want it to be seen.  That goes for all of the info you may put on your profile page when you set your security options in your profile. That page is yours to manage.  Only logged on classmates can view your profile page, and only can see what you want them to see.  Your profile is not seen by the public.  Any information you provide to our website is kept confidential; it is NEVER shared or distributed.  Unless you explicitly grant your permission, your e-address and contact info is not visible to our classmates.  However, an e-mail can be sent to you by another member using the contact box at the bottom of your profile page.

I am the only person who can see your e-address; I will never know your password.  If you forget your password, I am able to go into your profile page and give you a new password to log in with.

I hope this makes you feel at ease about this website, and sign on!


This is the official site for future reunion communications and attendance registrations.